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Site Of the Moment: Per Aspera

through hardships to the stars

Crossing the Lines
Werewolf/Vampire/Hunter RP since August 2012. Opportunities for rich character development within a plot built by members, detailed lore, and character upgrades! SEEKING: RPer for political 'villain!
In: 100 Out: 43
Wyrd Bið Ful Aræd
Wyrd is a historical roleplay set in viking era Britain. The future of England depends on you!
In: 95 Out: 44
A Warriors-based Clan with 60+ members. Accepting literate, moderate to advanced skilled joiners.
We've been running strong since November 3rd, 2012. Come join the fun and become part of our family!
In: 66 Out: 38
Step By Step
Step By Step is a new rehabilitation barn, located in the natural beauty of Hemsedal, Norway.
In: 55 Out: 23
Just another editing website.
With editing!
In: 50 Out: 22
Illustrated Reality
We're a supernatural human roleplay site that is here for you to unleash all of your creative desires and ideas. Step into a world full of creatures and creative minds alike. Anything is possible.
In: 47 Out: 17
Bang Bang
In: 41 Out: 20
w r a t h
Greek Mythology based human rp. We're open to joiners once more, come check us out!
In: 40 Out: 17
Satan's Rift
Best viewed in Chrome.

Canines and humans alike fight to survive in a world taken over by walkers in this TWD inspired RP.
In: 16 Out: 14
Per Aspera
through hardships to the stars
In: 13 Out: 13

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